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Welcome to Motor Claim Guru, a ‘one stop shop’ designed to ensure you are being treated fairly by insurer’s. We make sure you get what you’re entitled to. Whether you have a car, motorbike, or commercial vehicle, let Motor Claim Guru take the stress away. We can give you the facts so you decide on the best course of action to take when making a claim.

Body Repairs

Motorclaimguru on @carsos #carsos you can find it here on More 4!

  Porsche inspection When Car SOS come looking for a Expert Engineer to assess whether…
Association of British Insurers

What is the best website to understand about #Motorclaims? @motorclaimguru All you need to know about Motorclaims on this link.

All you need to know about motorclaims can be found on this website! What are…
What are your rights to repair your car now that blockexemption has expired? #righttorepair #lawframework #blockexemption #aftermarketparts #warranties #insurance
#Electric vehicles
#Tesla repair methodology and service statements. For the #bodyrepair #vehiclerepair industry only! need to access the repair methods for Tesla?
Is your #business #cybersecure ? how vulnerable is your business to cyber attack & fraud? #howtoprotectfromhacking #howtoprotectfomcyberattack this months @bodyshopmag is out!
#Electric vehicles
Last week I was presenting at the Vehicle Remarketing Association in Derby and providing an insight into #motorinsurance #carinsurance , want an insight into car values? and Insurance?
Who own’s the #data your #car creates? #connectedvehicles #v2x Doorway to a new era in automotive insurance , what does the future bring? #EU Data act.
Consumer guide to insurance
Want to know why you’re #motorinsurance has increased so much over the past few months? How does #insurance work ? The Information Insurer’s and the @ABI do not want you to know?
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