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Ethics in insurance

Motor premiums rise 2.8% in Q1 of 2020, wonder if they will drop next Year and the savings passed on?

Consumer Intelligence warned that #telematics restrictions following coronavirus may hit youngest drivers hardest. UK motor…
Training and Consultancy for bodyshops

James Burke – The Business Coach at @Actioncoach has been fabulous with his “Abundance” in helping his clients continue to move forward in this “crisis”. Do you feel like you cannot see the word for the tree’s? Feel startled like a rabbit in the Headlamps wondering what to do with your business? Get a Coach,

Association of British Insurers
@ABI_Comms ( The Association of British insurers) Statement on #businessinsurance.
Association of British Insurers
The @ABI_Comms (Association of British Insurers) is reassuring people that its motor insurance members are offering enhanced help and support to all their customers who may be affected by the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19).
coronavirus #covid
Which #Insurer’s will contact me and go on record as stating that : Should any of our Insured be carrying out “voluntary charitable work” we will “Guarantee” we will still cover them for their claims should the be carrying out deliveries.
#Power struggle over #vehicle #data are we moving towards a #orwellianstate are #china #spying on us all? #Huwei #5g
What Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications May Mean for car Insurers and Collision Repair Facilities #v2x
Vehicle owners to be granted MOT exemption in battle against #coronavirus @AlsOfficial
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