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The biggest bane of my life at this very moment? Car insurance!

Well, finding a cheap car insurance quote to be exact.

If you’re like me, getting cheap insurance can be a real pain. Endless quotes and negotiating hard with different providers just for small reductions.​Well if you want a quick and easy way to reduce car insurance by 20-50%, you’re in the right place! Even better, these steps take only 10-20 minutes to do and you don’t have to negotiate with anyone!

I haven’t used my car in over a month. In the last 28 days the car has moved roughly 20 meters, and yet those 20 meters have cost me £110 for the pleasure. It’s one of my biggest monthly bills (after rent) and I’m not alone. MoneySuperMarket reported that the average price of car insurance from March to May 2016 was £470, but Confused.com says in the last quarter of 2017, it had risen to £827.

So how can we lower the price of your car insurance premiums?

There are a lot of insurance comparison sites out there that essentially recommend you either move house or change your car if you want to get cheaper car insurance.
Great, thanks guys! I’m not going to move house or change my car, but if you’re interested in knowing which factors affect your quote the most, check here.

There is a better way and I’ll show you exactly how below.
Don’t bend your life around your car insurance, bend your car insurance around you.


  1. Try all cover types
  2. Black box insurance without the black box
  3. Clear your cache
  4. Plan in advance
  5. Don’t set your mileage too low
  6. Additional drivers
  7. Use all the comparison sites
  8. Use a credit card to pay for the whole year
  9. Bonus: Tips and common myths
  10. Case Study
  11. Factors that affect your car insurance quote

The starting point

I’m going to use a live case study to show you how this works. The case study is me! This is my starting point on the price comparison site Confused.com. This is a comprehensive quote on my 2002 BMW 330ci. I’m 22 and have 2 years no claims bonus. Some of you may be wincing at this price but for me, it’s actually not too bad (my last renewal was over £1100…eek!).

​Tip 1: Try all cover types (Comprehensive can often be the cheapest)

To continue reading, for all the tips Click HERE!!!

Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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