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Europcar has launched a new service which it believes could be a viable alternative to traditional car ownership.

Europcar Long Term offers drivers a car, typically less than six months old, for a fixed monthly fee of £360 and a monthly allowance of 2,520 miles. Drivers can then swap cars for a new model each month.

The company believes this service, which also includes unlimited free additional drivers, could save motorists all the costs of maintenance and service, while still offering all the benefits of car ownership.

Robert Shaw, operations director, Europcar UK Group, said, ‘Europcar Long Term is the ideal solution for motorists looking for the flexibility of leasing but without being locked into a lengthy contract and having to be responsible for servicing and insurance. We believe that goes to the heart of the challenges many motorists are facing in balancing costs against ownership.

‘Customers using Europcar Long Term can book and rent their car immediately, with no forms or credit checks – just a simple credit card payment. It’s ideal for motorists who don’t want to be pinned down to the long-term commitment of car ownership. Picking from a fleet that, on average, is less than six months old and with no yearly contract, customers can either change their vehicle every month or keep the same car for three months at a time and have a free monthly valet.’

The service also includes free deliver and collect service at the start and end of the rental, bringing the car to you at home or work and, unlike car leasing, the Europcar Long Term rate includes Europcar’s Basic Protection package.

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Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

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