As #Tyre#Safety Month gets underway, the Department for Transport has revealed a marked drop on casualties from tyre-related incidents.

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Figures released last week showed a 28% reduction in the number of people killed or injured from tyre-related accidents.

While the news has been well-received, TyreSafe, which organises Tyre Safety Month, is urging drivers not to be complacent and ensure they carry out regular tyre checks. It warns that despite the casualty rates falling there is no evidence that the number of tyre-related incidents which do not result in fatalities or injury is also decreasing.

In fact, its own survey found that the number of illegal tyres on Britain’s roads this year will remain at 10 million or even increase. Driving with illegal tyres not only leaves the driver vulnerable to a £2,500 fine and three-point penalty but also far more likely to be involved in an incident.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said, ‘Tyre Safety Month 2016 kicks off with good news but motorists should not interpret those results as being an excuse not to carry out regular tyre checks. Tyres are a safety critical component on any vehicle and the only one in contact with the road, and while modern vehicles give occupants a far greater chance of surviving a collision – even walking away uninjured – well-maintained tyres will significantly reduce the risk of being involved in an incident in the first place.’

TyreSafe’s annual Tyre Safety Month campaigns takes place every October to coincide with the onset of the worst of the British weather and acts as a focus for the UK’s tyre safety awareness charity’s year-round activities.

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Tim Kelly

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