#begrateful #bekind #Positivity #shareyourwins @actioncoach DO YOU love helping people? This is why I do what I do, have a read. #humbled

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#win Action Coach James Burke – The Business Coach It is important to be grateful for the things we have and ‘Be thankful’ and also to Celebrate our ‘WINS’ here is one I would like to share.

I got contacted via the Honest John Site about an Insurance related query, Rather than just answer I told the person to email directly and I would help him at no charge to him.

He did, After resolving the Issue, this is the response I got from him.

Thank you so very very very much for your help



Mike Mckay

Thu, 14 May, 17:09 (14 hours ago)

to MotorClaimGuru

Its sorted now thank you SO much, you were literally the only help I could get as even my local MP and two counsellors failed to even respond after going away to say they would contact them

I posted the following in their chat

“I wish to inform you that I (Michae ………) want to cancel my policy (///////) for the vehicle ////// with yourselves (One Call Insurance) with effect from 11:59pm on Sunday the 17th of May 2020 without a statement of prejudice”

And saved the chat for my records as they are only operating online chat

If it hadn’t been for yourself the whole situation had a very good chance of completely overwhelming me and I would quite probably have just sat in despair and let them cancel the policy from their end with the problems that would have brought as I really wasnt thinking clearly or rationally before I first got your message as my AHJ question might have displayed, I was literally in full panic mode

Whilst I am sure you realise you “help” people, you may not realise just HOW much your help might mean to some of the people you are helping, so I just wanted to relay how IMMENSE just your replies made, as just having “someone” who knew the score to converse with kept me above water whilst dealing with this

I really cant put into words just how important that was, as being able to keep a car on the road with my illness is a latch to sanity as I risk it resurging at any point for the rest of my life with the possibility of literally going from being fine to dead within a 24 hour period as its a very aggressive form of cancer. And as the symptoms are vague and can appear like simply being dehydrated or tired its also hard to miss

So once again a huge thank you Tim, you can quite accurately view yourself potentially as a “life saver” with no exaggeration here, literally literally, not the nonsensical new meaning of the word lol

A note of humour however, the first time I tried to cancel the chat advisor LITERALLY just shut the window the moment I posted that comment lol, I was half expecting that to happen over and over again, but luckily the next one was fine and processed it

Have a great weekend and give yourself one HUGE pat on the back, you sir are an absolute star

With best regards


Remember to always do that “little bit extra” be “abundant” in what help you give to people as you might not know just how much of a difference you are making to them. Share #positivity and help by passing it on not by just being positive but by “DOING”

This had me choking up yesterday! #Gratitude that I can give help #win for successfully resolving what was a stressful issue.

Give an abundance of Good Vibes to the Universe as it will help Not just you but might answer so one else’s call to the universe for Help.

Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.