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Can I use my Own Choice of Bodyshop? #choice #treatingcustomersfairly #law #yourlegalrights

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The customer’s entitled to choose who’s repairs their vehicle, This is covered under the following acts and laws.

Consumer rights directive 1993 where the Office of fair trade, The Vehicle Body Repair Association The A.B.I. and what was the Financial Service authority now the FCA agreed In the consumers right of choice. It is now covered In the Consumer rights act 2015.

Consumer protection for unfair trading act 2008 Application part 8 of the Enterprise act for unfair trading regulations 2008 Motor vehicle Block exemption regulations EC1400/2002 Competition act 1998.

2015 Insurance Act also stipulates prior to a contract Occurring the insurer has to make the insured aware that the contract Fulfill’s the demands and needs of the consumer, and any adverse term or condition is brought to the attention of the consumer. This should have no material detriment to the consumer. To advise before the contract has been made any restriction’s in the consumers choice, or advise that you seek to reduce your contractural liabilities is a breach of the act.

Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.