Can you appeal against an FOS ombudsman’s decision ? FAQ’s say No…Judge says “Yes”

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A freedom of information (FOI) request on the excellent “What do they know” website points out that FOS FAQs say that an ombudsman’s decision is final,  whereas in a recent court case the Judge said:
“But I consider that Mr Strachan QC, on behalf of FOS, was right in his submission that the power to reconsider a complaint is part and parcel of FOS’s duty to consider a complaint that has been properly brought before it.”   (my italics).
So there is an obvious difference between the FAQs and the FOS’s own QC !
The FOI questioner ask for  all relevant documents which address the issue of the finality of the FOS final decision”  but he/she clearly has little hope that FOS will give a proper answer.   I tend to agree.
Follow the FOI request and answer (if any) here
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Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

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