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Motor insurers can expect a 25% upturn in claims in the next three months, according to new figures from Covéa Insurance.

The insurer analysed more than 140,000 motor claims made over a three-year period, which showed that drivers are on average 25% more likely to make a claim between the months of November and February – and that figure jumped up to 33% during bouts of bad winter weather.

Road safety champion and head of engineers at Covéa Insurance, Barry Street said, ‘A harsh winter will mean that roads are more treacherous than usual, which could lead to more incidents resulting in insurance claims. With longer periods of darkness, fog, rain and even ice and snow, winter can be a demanding time to be driving, so it’s important to spend a little time preparing. To help stay safe on the roads this winter.’

To help drivers prepare, Barry suggests taking time to clear snow and ice from your car and to demist your windows before driving. Drivers should also check wipers and keep the washer bottle topped up with screenwash, keep tyres correctly inflated and maintain a safe gap to the car in front.

In particularly bad weather, only travel if it’s essential, and then take warm clothing, water and ensure your phone is charged.

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Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

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