#Connected #Car Services Simplified for Automotive OEMs With Launch of Software Development Kit

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Automotive OEMs looking to leverage connected car data now have a new option when it comes to raising consumer engagement and offering their customers usage-based insurance (UBI) options through participating insurers.

Vehicle makers seeking to drive engagement through driving behaviour feedback can now build new consumer services, and take advantage of industry-leading telematics data filtering, normalization and analytics, with the launch of a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Software Development Kit (SDK).

The key advantage of the SDK is that it allows OEMs to easily plug into the LexisNexis® Telematics Platform, which offers high levels of data security, advanced analytics for big data and a direct data pipe into the insurance markets’ software infrastructure.

Since the SDK uses the same data infrastructure as LexisNexis® embedded, connected car solutions, the SDK also enables OEMs to extend certain connected car benefits to owners of legacy, non-connected vehicles in the current fleet.

The SDK enables automotive OEMs to build innovative customer applications across different regions and in different languages, all on the same platform or to improve existing and full-featured customer-facing apps without impacting experience.

OEM access to the Global Telematics Platform will also enable customers to benefit through the use of their driving data to secure insurance products.

From trip scoring, to journey histories and visualisation, our highly secure, global platform can ingest driving data from OEMs wherever their vehicles are located in the world: filtering, normalising and contextualising the data to provide the backbone of new products and services to support the OEM’s brand experience.

The SDK removes the complexity and cost vehicle OEMs would otherwise face in developing the technical infrastructure needed to help the industry connect to insurance products for the type of consumer services their customers want, based on their driving data.

It allows OEMs to focus on design and delivery, product innovation and consumer engagement using driver scoring, journey and route information.

After the vehicle, insurance is second-ranked for total cost of ownership

Insurance is the second-highest cost in the total cost of ownership for a consumer. If OEMs can help lower the cost of vehicle ownership through usage-based insurance, their sales proposition is strengthened considerably.

At the same time, by using real-time data from the car, the analytics capability of OEMs will be enhanced, creating much greater opportunities to engage with customers and build trust and loyalty at a time when consumer mobility needs are shifting.

Using the LexisNexis Risk Solutions Software Development Kit, automotive OEMs can:

Extend connected car features to owners of non-connected vehicles through the same global telematics platform.
Use the technical capacity of the global telematics platform to reduce the complexity and cost of building a consumer grade data normalisation, filtering and telematics scoring infrastructure
Take advantage of faster speed-to-market with supported and documented frameworks, APIs and best practices
Power applications without the cost of duplicating infrastructure, building driving scoring knowledge internationally, opening more markets faster
Integrate seamlessly into existing apps, allowing OEMs to maintain a consistent customer experience while connecting to LexisNexis Risk Solutions and insurers.
LexisNexis Risk Solutions, a unit of RELX Group, is a global data technology and advanced analytics leader, with customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

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