#ERS offers specialist motor breakdown cover

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​The product has been designed for people with “non-everyday” vehicles and is only available through brokers.

ERS has launched a motor breakdown product that caters for the specialist vehicle market.

According to the insurer the product has been built for owners and drivers of a broad range of non-everyday vehicles.

The provider detailed that the insurance – available exclusively through brokers – provides tailored policies for classic cars and bikes, specialist haulage, horseboxes, supercars and numerous other vehicle types that it said were often excluded or under-served by traditional breakdown policies.

Brokers can access the product online through ERS’ own portal, via bordereau or on white label deals.

ERS will also provide the policy at a net rate, a move it said “gives brokers full control over how they price for their customers”.

Martin Groom, product manager for motor breakdown at ERS said: “For customers requiring a specialist motor policy, it makes perfect sense that they have specialist breakdown cover to match.

“However, customers don’t need to buy our motor insurance to benefit from ERS Breakdown, enabling brokers to flex to their customers’ individual circumstances.”

Cover levels are available from roadside assistance through to full European cover and the policy is primarily designed to cater for more complex recoveries where the vehicle may not experience a typical breakdown at the roadside.

ERS stated it will cover a variety of non-standard breakdown situations, including recovery from snow, mud, ice and sand – as well as any special equipment used – as standard.

Recoveries can be performed for specialist recoveries up to 7.5 tonnes and horseboxes after 44 tonnes.

ERS said that additional heavy vehicle categories will be released later in the year.

Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

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