Forget whiplash or parking dents, we reveal the carnage caused by animals on the roads

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A rhino scratched itself all around the car leaving it with paint and bodywork damage.

​FROM an itchy rhino to a confused peacock — these are among the crazy animal car insurance claims that cost insurers millions of dollars a year.

ATTACKS by monkeys, rhinos, deer — and even a peacock — are just some of the wild car claims lodged by motorists.
It might sound like a safari holiday but the nation’s animals have caused thousands of bizarre claims costing insurers millions.
UK insurance company Admiral has exclusively revealed to The Sunthat it’s had to settle 2,176 claims in the last year at an average cost of $A3000.
And it dug through its claims book to uncover the most unusual incidents that include monkeys, deer, goats, rhinos and peacocks.
Some were repaired while others were left as total write-offs after their encounter with nature.
Lorna Connelly, head of claims at Admiral, said: “You never know what could happen to your car which is the whole point of car insurance.
“Some of the genuine claims we’ve dealt with verge on being too bizarre to believe but it just goes to show that you should always expect the unexpected.
“They say never work with animals — but never leave your car near them either.”
A family of pheasants ventured onto a road into the path of an oncoming car.
The driver swerved but unfortunately hit one of the birds and veered off the road.
With the pheasant in tow, the car careered off downhill, through a bush and smashed into a beer garden — only stopped by a pile of beer kegs.
A driver was making his way through a safari park when a rhino stopped by.
With its thick hide and horn, it scratched itself all around the car leaving it with paint and bodywork damage.
A shiny car came at a cost to one driver after a peacock saw its reflection in the recently waxed door.
It attacked the “other” peacock for several minutes and managed to do damage to all three panels on the side of the car.
A family who visited a drive-through safari park went bananas when a troop of monkeys took offence to the car.
They used rocks to smash the windows and pulled the windscreen wipers off.
The driver suggested the insurer recovered the costs from the monkeys.
A deer dented the driver’s door and car roof.Source:Supplied
A herd of deer caused $A5780 of damage when they came across a Smart car outside the driver’s home.
While he went out to the garden, the herd ran from the forest, across the road and tried to jump the car — damaging the roof and buckling the chassis.
It was a total write off.
In a separate incident a deer was startled by the noise of a car window being closed.
It lashed out and dented the driver’s door and car roof.
A driver thought his swanky 2011 plate Jaguar XKR was safe parked in his garage while he worked away for six months.
But when he got back, the car was dead.
A band of mice had taken up home in the car, chewing on the motor and electrics — as well as the furniture in his house which they’d been visiting daily.
It cost $A13,500 to fix.
A horse escaped a farm and attempted to jump over car when it was chased.
Unfortunately it hadn’t done its Grand National training and landed belly first on the bonnet causing a huge dent.
An angry cow took its frustration out on a parked car, mounting it and smashing in the back window leaving hoof marks on the rear panels.
In another farmyard incident, a goat headbutted a car after it crashed into a field.
The story first appeared on The Sun.
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