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HPI – warn of dangers of “Frankenstein cars” (cut and shut jobs)

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Used car buyers continue to fall prey to criminals selling dangerous ‘cut ‘n’ shut’ vehicles at bargain prices, warns HPI, the provider of 

A ‘cut ‘n’ shut’ is a car made from two accident damaged vehicles, which are welded together to form what appears to be one dream machine. 
HPI urges buyers to get that vehicle checked, to avoid throwing their money away on a death trap in disguise.

Every year, nearly half a million cars that have been involved in accidents are declared as insurance write-offs. 
This is because they are either too badly damaged to ever be repaired and put safely back on the road or simply cost too much in parts and labour to justify the expense. 

Unfortunately, some of these cars make their way into unscrupulous hands and are illegally patched up or welded together, ready to be sold to unsuspecting buyers.

“What looks like a dream car at a dream price, could actually be a Frankenstein car, stitched together from two insurance write-offs that are fit only for the scrapheap,” warns Senior Consumer Services Manager, Shane Teskey. 

“Criminals create cut ‘n’ shuts using two opposite halves of written off cars that are the same make and model. They are welded together by a skilled mechanic and spray painted to form a car that’s then sold on to innocent consumers at what looks like a bargain price.

“Although buyers stand to lose a lot of money on a car that’s worthless, the real danger is the car itself. 
Car manufacturers invest heavily in vehicle safety, making sure every model of car reacts in a certain way in a collision, and that its structure provides maximum protection for the driver, passengers and pedestrians. 
Cut ‘n’ shut vehicles are fundamentally dangerous because the integrity of the car’s structure has been altered, significantly weakening its ability to withstand any impact in an accident. 
Anyone buying one of these vehicles could be risking the lives of themselves, their passengers and other road users.”

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