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Motor Claim Guru   A number of people are talking about Tim Kelly, who is known as the Motor Claims Guru, ‘MCG’. Andrew Moody of RML met up with Tim to discuss what he is doing and his passion for the repair industry and the service he is providing

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It is clear upon meeting Tim that he has a passion for consumers, and he is concerned at the poor service they receive at the hand of some insurers. Tim has ‘jumped ship’ no longer working within the insurance industry, he believes that ‘engineers’ should work for the benefit of the car owner and he is uneasy at how the ‘engineering profession’ has been used by Insurers to satisfy their own ends justifying what at best could be described as poor practice.

RML has long campaigned for true independence in vehicle engineering; we firmly believe that engineers should be independent to ensure the consumer receives what the Insurer has promised them.

It’s refreshing to hear Tim’s passion for the customer/policyholder and his concern about them not being correctly indemnified. Armed with the Insurer’s own regulatory codes of business, MCG is able to ensure that customers receive what they are entitled to.

MCG is adamant that engineers should not be there to minimise the cost of the repair, through shifty claims management practices, Tim wants to ensure that MCG customers receive a quality repair to their vehicle. Insurers have made numerous promises to their customers and MCG is there to ensure they make good on these promises to MCG clients.

MCG’s concerns mirror those of RML (read our thoughts here regarding the CMA report, here for engineers amending estimates, and here for contract repairs) and are justified by the report from the Competition and Markets Authority which contained a number of uncomplimentary comments for Insurers and the repair service they provide to their policyholders.

The benefit of MCG for the repair industry is that they are able to independently assist your customer in their dealings with their Insurer. Some customers want to choose their own repairer, and MCG can, by using the Insurer’s regulatory code, assist the policyholder to exercise their right to choose a repairer.

When the customer instructs MCG directly the emphasis is placed on the quality of the repair not just the cost, MCG deals with the policyholder’s Insurer to agree repair costs.

The Insurer has contractually agreed to put their customer back in the situation they were in prior to the accident. MCG ensures that their client’s receive what Insurers have promised to provide. Nothing more and nothing less, compensation for the full loss incurred as a result of the accident, whether fault on none fault, including the right to have their vehicle repaired where they wish.

MCG believes there is a massive conflict of interest when an Insurer acts as the “agent” arranging repairs. When the driving force for the Insurer is saving money, the result is that Insurers are not treating the consumers fairly which is clearly wrong.

MCG believes that the customer should have the right to choose a trusted repairer to repair their vehicle, and MCG can assist in the enforcement of that right. MCG as the customer’s independent engineer will look to ensure the vehicle is repaired correctly and this would include agreeing the fitment of O.E. parts and approving an appropriate repair methodology.

MCG not only assists with vehicles that are repaired, they also help customers get a fair settlement if their vehicle is written off. Alternatively if a customer wants to have their vehicle repaired rather than having it Total Lossed,  MCG can assist the customer overturn the Insurer’s decision to scrap the vehicle.

With assistance from the repairer and agreement from the customer MCG believes that it can avoid a significant number of total loses which is beneficial to both the repairer and the customer.

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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