New Fine For Lazy, Nasty, Litter Louts That Throw Junk From Cars

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Rubbish tossing motorists face their comeuppance for ruining the nation’s landscape and costing tax payers millionsHow proposed fine worksSelfish litter louts that throw rubbish from their vehicles and blight the landscape should be punished by a new fine, the Government proposed. Offenders force mothers, fathers, kids and grandparents that simply want to enjoy their cars and spend time together to wade through mountains of bottles, boxes, and wrappers.
The Litter Strategy for England confirmed that hard-working tax-payers contribute £800 million per-annum – money that might otherwise be spent fixing potholes and cutting congestion – to remove the rubbish lazy drivers cannot be bothered to put in a bin.
Perpetrators of this heinous act prefer to make their litter somebody else’s problem. “Who cares about consequences?”, they say.
This lack of social responsibility hurts the whole nation. It: wrecks the environment, kills wildlife, makes the streets feel scruffy, creates a bad impression for tourists and wastes resources. In certain cases, it blocks drains which increases the risk of flooding. Nearby routes then become more hazardous to pass.​For the rest of the story, click here


Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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