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More than one in five parents use their mobile phones while driving, even when their children are in the car.

Vehicle leasing provider OSV Ltd found that 21% of parents admitted to texting or calling while behind the wheel, even though you’re four times more likely to crash if you’re using your phone.

The study, which surveyed over 1,000 drivers, revealed that dads were more likely to use their phone than mums, with 28% and 15% making the confession respectively.

Despite this, more than 60% of parents still claimed other passengers were the most distracting thing when they were driving.

Debbie Kirkley, co-founder of OSV Ltd, said, ‘Parents are setting a terrible example to their children when they use their mobile phone while driving.

‘Children are regularly told off for using technology at inappropriate times, or told not to use technology in certain situations. The best way to teach your children that it is dangerous to use a mobile phone when driving is to set a good example and not use your own mobile phone while you are behind the wheel.

‘Taking your eyes off the road to read a text or make a quick call can be fatal and it is the duty of parents to behave responsibly.’

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Tim Kelly

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