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Two amazing #results this week! and very very happy customers 

By 5th May 2017No Comments
Well you never know how things are going to go, regardless of how confident you are. My first customer has been treated horrendously by his insurer, they tried to steer him away from his choice of repairer( he wanted to use the manufacturer approved repairer) and his insurer refused to authorise repairs. They said the repairer was too expensive..when an insurer is saying this, what they are actually saying is we want to repair your car as cheaply as we can!!!! so they advised they would give a cash settlement to the customer, this was 2 thousand pound less than the actuall cost, and the car was incurring storage which the refused to pay.
This customer would have been nearly three thousand pound down had he accepted what they insurer were saying.

But he did’nt, he employed me…the insurer after a month of fighting have now backed down, paid the full cost of repairs, the recovery and storage charges, they have paid interest at 8% of the total claim, plus compensation of£150.
By using Motorclaimguru the customer is now £1000 better off even after the excess…it pays to use me!

2nd customer had an accident not his fault, i helped him claim for “diminution in loss” on the value of his vehicle. Six months later he know has a cheque for over £1500 as well as having his car repaired.
These are his commets on my linked in page!
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Hi Tim, 
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“I found Tim when I was working out how to prepare a Diminuation Claim following an accident that wasn’t my fault. Tim was helpful, clear, concise and worked hard to get me the things I needed, mainly a report for the Insurance company….. I can highly recommend Tim – he knows his stuff!”

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.

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