How to Complain about your Insurer

If your not happy with the way your insurer has treated you, you can complain! there may be many reason’s why you feel  aggrieved with your insurer, so it make it very lengthy if I was to write out all the scenarios below.

The best thing to do is contact us and we can advise, click here

The main issues are,

Length of claim

Repudiation of claim

Complaint over quality of repairs

Not happy with your value.

All the above are in the what I can do for you section.

In terms of your immediate action, contact your insurer and advise them.The way they have to handle complaints is regulated and over seen by the insurance ombudsman. click here

Any sign of “dissatisfaction” is the way the FOS see a complaint, and the insurer is guided by them to “treating customers fairly”

how we decide cases”treating customers fairly”how are ombudsman service decisions affected by the regulator’s “treating customers fairly” programme?

The ombudsman service decides, in the circumstances of a particular complaint, whether an individual consumer has been treated fairly – taking into account the law, relevant rules and good industry practice.

In 2007, the financial services regulator at the time, the Financial Services Authority (FSA), launched its “treating customers fairly” programme. This did not impose any new rules. But it encouraged the senior management of a regulated firm to create systems that support fair treatment of all customers. The regulator from 1 April 2013, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has confirmed that “treating customers fairly” remains central to the regulator’s work. There is more information on the FCA’s website about what this means for firms.

However, although “treating customers fairly” should improve the way businesses treat their customers, it does not affect how we decide individual complaints.

Now going to the FOS is not always the best approach, click here to see read the Telegraphs article on the consumer now loosing the right to take to court, should you use the FOS.

There may be times that It is not best for you to go to the FOS, and take a case to court, as you have further course’s of redress should a complaint not get upheld in your favour.

Should you wish to raise a complaint through the FOS click here.

I can advise you as to what the best course of action is to take in all situations.

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