Types of Inspection

Type 1.

Have an engineer inspect your vehicle and negotiate repair methods with your repairer. We can then ensure ONLY manufactures parts are used if you wish. We can also check the repair methods to ensure your car is being repaired to manufacturer’s standards or Thatcham Research Standards. And last but not least, we can check to make sure the estimate has not been inflated by additional time being asked for when not necessary, to mitigate loss.

Type 2.

Have an engineer inspect your vehicle to check the quality of the repair work carried out, we check the estimate that was carried out, the repair methods required, against what was agreed. And that your insurer is upholding your contract of putting your vehicle back to its pre accident condition , manufacturers standards or has been repaired to a commercially acceptable standard

We can discuss the areas of your concerns, and we suggest you arrange an inspection “prior” to any attempts at rectification if your concerns are major.

If the issues are minor, by law you have to allow the original repairer the opportunity of rectification.This our U.S. Counterpart Billy Csc Walkowiak of Collision Safety Consultants In Belmont, who is one of our friends worldwide sharing our view on how consumers should be treated by insurers.Thanks Billy for permission in using your vid’s!

Type 3.


Prior to purchasing your new vehicle, get it checked thoroughly, click here for HPI  and check its prior history to see if it has finance on it, or see if it is a previous total loss. Click here to check or to obtain a value.

Motorclaimguru offer ‘s one of the most comprehensive and expert examination services on used cars and vans in the UK. If you’re looking at purchasing a second-hand our suitably qualified engineers can provide a thorough and professional inspection service on all cars and vans.

I have personally selected the Engineering company I use as they are dedicated to this market and have a team of dedicated, enthusiastic, independent consultant motor engineers, with many of them having either worked for the RAC-AA or Dekra in the past for many years, they are fully qualified and experienced to provide high quality, used vehicle inspection reports or unbiased engineers reports on vehicles and their components.

Should you need car or vehicle inspection to assist in the resolution of a repair dispute with a manufacturer, service provider, warranty company, insurer or repairer, who has either refused or failed to address your concerns to your satisfaction, our  engineers can.

This also give your more buying power as you have the information to negotiate a better deal.

The inspections below are subcontracted to one of my panel. Should you require for a vehicle to be inspected by myself, charges start at £350 plus Mileage at 45p a mile. They can also arrange warranties on any vehicle you may purchase.