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​Pass-Thru diagnostic tools allow independent garages to take advantage of EU regulations that give them access to dealer-level programming. Here, Delphi explains how to get the most out of this opportunity.

It is not always possible to act upon entitlement and this is the situation that many independent garages have found themselves in since 2009, when EU regulation (J2534) stated that all service centres must be provided with access to Vehicle Manufacturer (VM) data that aids repair and maintenance of increasingly complex vehicles. This has been, in theory, a valuable opportunity for independent garages to claim ground on main dealer service facilities, but the uptake of these technologies has been limited so far, with some businesses unsure about upgrading to the latest Pass- Thru capabilities.

Developments in Pass-Thru diagnostic technologies have enabled smaller independent garages to access vital vehicle manufacturer information in a timely and convenient manner. The change in legislation represents an enormous opportunity for independents, and Delphi Technologies hopes that Pass- Thru technology updates will enable more garages to take advantage of this opportunity, as vehicles become progressively complex.

“Our DS-Flash Pass-Thru technology ensures VM dealer networks are no longer able to keep lucrative servicing and repair work for themselves,” explains Julian Goulding, UK Marketing Manager, Delphi Technologies. “Independent Garages are instead able to compete on service with dealers and hold a distinct competitive advantage over other independents that don’t have the same level of capability.”

The intention of J2534 was to empower independent garages with the technological infrastructure that supports main dealers – providing access to technical data, downloadable software, including ECU updates, and dealer-level diagnostic functionalities. Garages pay a fee to vehicle manufacturers to access their data, with each VM employing their own payment schemes. Some VMs offer a one-off payment or a ‘Pay As You Go’ option, where independents only pay vehicle manufacturers for the time they’re physically accessing vital information using the tool. This enables garages that are not single-brand specialists to provide dealer- level servicing and diagnostics across a far broader range of manufacturers than would have previously been possible.

Pass-Thru technology is aimed at making lives easier and businesses more profitable. They provide the digital capacity normally only associated with main dealers – allowing independent garage technicians the ability to download and update software, along with access to updated digital service history records, to the same level as the vehicle manufacturer. This provides a main dealer service at an independent’s price.

Delphi Technologies’ DS-FLASH Pass- Thru diagnostic tool kit is fully compliant with vehicle manufacture programming requirements and comes complete with a DS- FLASH VCI, cables, battery support unit, license keys and a laptop – pre-configured for VAG Group, BMW, General Motors and Toyota. Drawing on its years of OE expertise, Delphi Technologies is also able to offer technical support and training not only for the equipment, but for the registration to the VM web portal, as well as installation and use of the VM software.

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Tim Kelly

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