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Driverless HGVs to be trialled in UK under government plans

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    Driverless HGVs to be trialled in UK under government plans

    driverless lorries will be trialled on UK motorways this year with funding for trials expected to be earmarked in the 16 March Budget, according to reports.
    According to The Times (5 March), part of the M6 near Carlisle will be used for the trial, with up to 10 lorries driven metres apart believed to be one element of the proposal.
    Economic modelling by Axa into driverless haulage, produced in September 2015, found the insurance, fuel and labour savings in its base case scenario would be £20.1bn over 10 years, potentially reaching £30.6bn in its high-case scenario.
    While the insurer’s report did not separate these three costs, it stated potential insurance savings would arise if driverless vehicles proved less accident-prone.
    Currently there are three government-funded driverless car projects, with Axa partnering on the Venturer project in Bristol and UK Autodrive in Milton Keynes.
    Other automated vehicle trials  include the Gateway trial in Greenwich, which will see pods used at Heathrow Airport used on the streets of London without tracks from July this year.

    RSA is the insurer supporting the Greenwich project.

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