n September when schools are back, furlough comes to an end & working from home is not fun anymore, the weather changes and traffic increases…dramatically! Will you cope? Will your network cope? Will we have enough Bodyshops? Can you be sure your customers will be prioritised? I can tell you now the answer is no.

Lots of Bodyshops have been victims of the pandemic, our industry has been hit hard due to lack of investment as a result of poor rates and bad contracts. No mention lately of all the successful independent businesses as well as groups that have gone, that work has to go somewhere, but where?

Is it acceptable for rates to stay the same year after year? It’s easy to say well you should increase your prices! But we all know the bloke down the road will do it, or used to. However the bloke down the road is no longer there, in September the pendulum really does swing the other way. Look at the savings the insurance industry are making due to reduced office space, low claims volume, accident management companies holding prices for years, remember it!

Bodyshops have to look hard at their contracts now as we are headed to volume coming back, who helped you through the pandemic? Who stood by you? Who has you in their plans long term? Are they really looking out for you or just themselves?

Customers will react come September, the question is will you secure your Bodyshop before then? If not you had best get your own network and quickly!

Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

Tim is a highly qualified Independent Engineer with over 20 years experience as an Engineering Assessor of damaged vehicles.