Why your job title really matters when it comes to cheaper #car #insurance

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Getting MASSIVE price reductions on your car insurance policy could be as easy as slightly changing the way you describe your job.

That’s according to new analysis from Telegraph Money, who found that tweaking your job title on the insurance application form could lead to significant savings.

That’s because some occupations are more likely to make claims than others, leading to variations in the price of cover between different vocations.

Obviously, you’re applying for insurance, so you can’t LIE about what you do for a living―that would be fraud. But customers ARE allowed to apply a little bit of spin.

For example, if you work in accountancy, describing yourself as a “bookkeeper” instead of a “finance officer” could cut your premium by more than £100.

In general, the less specific the job title, the cheaper the cover: a medical professional would save £46 per year by describing themselves as just a “doctor” rather than a “GP”, and an “engineer” will pay significantly less for their car insurance than a “construction engineer”. There are exceptions to this rule, though, so it’s always worth checking.

Pam Quinn of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (Biba), a trade body, said: “Statistics show that policyholders with certain occupations, such as roles that involve a lot of late-night driving, tend to be involved in more claims. Jobs involving work around celebrities can lead to higher-value claims, and this is reflected in insurance premiums. It pays to be honest, and to speak to a broker if there is some confusion about how to describe your job.”

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Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

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