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Car insurance premiums vary drastically between different regions―are you being penalised just for living where you live? 

According to data accumulated over the past twelve months, motorists in Chelmsford are MASSIVELY in the money, with the average price of cover dropping from £516 to £423, a saving of £93.

Reading and Peterborough are other bonus locations for drivers: the cost of premiums have fallen 16% and 17% respectively over the past twelve months.

But it isn’t good news for everyone. It’s bad news for residents of Dundee: the average cost of a comprehensive policy has risen 35% in the Scottish city. Maybe they should consider moving to Chelmsford…

The cheapest place to insurer a car in the UK is the Isle of Man, where keeping your motor covered should only cost you £285. But it’s STILL bad news for Londoners: East London remains the most expensive place to insure your car in the WHOLE of the UK, with comprehensive cover setting you back £930.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. The average cost of car insurance has actually dropped for ALL of us by 13% over the last twelve months, so the likelihood is you’ll still be in the money.

That’s despite the cost of premiums actually rising 17% over the past five years. It’s thought that the decrease in costs is partly because of a decrease in fraudulent whiplash claims.

If you’re looking to get EVEN MORE money off your car insurance, remember to shop around to find the very best deals for you.

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Tim Kelly

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