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Commission to check EU consumer rules still offer adequate protection11-01-2016

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The European Commission has published a Roadmap for an upcoming overall evaluation (Fitness Check) of EU consumer law in 2016 and 2017. Stakeholders are invited to send feedback on the roadmap within the next four weeks.
The Roadmap outlines the overall scope and aim of this Fitness Check of EU consumer law as well as some key questions which the evaluation will address. The six directives to be covered have an important impact on consumers’ and businesses’ everyday life. They regulate issues such as price indication, guarantees for defective goods, unfair contract terms and unfair commercial practices, business to business advertising as well as legal actions to get injunctions.
The six directives to be evaluated are:

As part of its Better Regulation policy the Commission runs a Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme(REFIT). It aims to make EU law simpler and to reduce regulatory costs, thus contributing to a clear, stable and predictable regulatory framework. One of the REFIT actions is the ‘Fitness Check’ – a comprehensive policy evaluation aimed at assessing whether the regulatory framework for a particular policy sector is ‘fit for purpose’. Fitness Checks provide an evidence-based critical analysis of whether EU actions are proportionate to their objectives and delivering as expected in all EU policy areas. It provides a basis for future policy considerations.
For more informationTo consult and comment on the Commission Roadmap, please visit the Roadmap consultation page and select “DG JUST” in the drop-down menu “Directorate General”

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